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We were pleased to find this Garuda mask, which originated in the Monpa and Sherdukpen area of Western Arunachal Pradesh.  The area borders Bhutan in the West and Tibet in the North, and has evolved it's own unique Vajrayana Buddhist culture over the centuries.  The main monastery in this area is in Tawang and the locals take pride in the fact that the 6th Dalai Lama came from their area.

The Garuda is a great pan-Asian mystical entity. With the earliest references and depictions coming out of ancient India, the popularity of the Garuda spread with Hinduism and Buddhism across Asia. There are slight variations in the form of the Garudas as they are depicted in art, but generally the appearance is that of a bird-headed and feathered entity with some human characteristics blended in.

This mask has the all the classic iconographic characteristics one would expect of the Vajrayana Buddhist style of Garuda (vs. the Hindu style), properly known as "khyung" amongst most people speaking Tibetan dialects.


ITEM NAME:   Vajrayana Buddhist - Cham dance mask
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PEOPLE/REGION:    Monpa, Arunachal Pradesh




circa first half of 20th c


10" wide
14" high

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