Here we have a fine pair of Naga "heirloom" bracelets. With the exquisite accordion folds design, these are the bracelets held in the highest regard by Naga people themselves because of the advanced age attributed to them.  Though I hate to do it, I guess I'll cite the "Naga Collector's Bible" here... and those who are dedicated collectors of Naga artifacts will no doubt recognize instantly that I am referring to the Jacobs book, The Nagas.  Don't get me wrong, its a great book deserving of the acclaim it receives but many people have the mistaken impression that if you can't find it in "the book", then it is not genuine.  That is of course ridiculous, as though it is admirably comprehensive, it would be impossible to catalogue every style and variation of Naga material culture in a single book.  I suspect that the term "heirloom" bracelet was in fact coined by Jacobs and his co-authors.  Its an apt term that describes the style of bracelet you see here that were and remain "heirlooms" among the Naga.  The Jacobs book attributes dates to this style of jewelry from the 16th century forward. Certainly possible, but I have settled for a more modest date as you can see in the over view of main details at right.

ITEM NAME:   Naga heirloom bracelets
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PEOPLE/REGION:   Naga - North east India / Western Burma




18th - 19th C or earlier



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