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Featured here is a stunning old bead belt from the Naga people, a tribal group whose homeland is the old North East frontier area of India and Western Burma. This belt is a fine example of Konyak bead work... Konyak being one of the principle tribes, and whose homeland is in the Mon district of modern day Nagaland and extends over the Burmese border as well.  The belt is predominantly blue beads, something notable and quite desirable from a collector's stand point in itself as the blue bead work is more scare.

The Naga were avid head hunters and are something of a cultural anomaly in an area surrounded by Vajrayana Buddhism to the North and West, Hinduism to the south and Theravada Buddhism in the East. A fascinating people with very distinctive beliefs and material culture.


ITEM NAME:   Naga Belt
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PEOPLE/REGION:   Naga - North east India/Western Burma


Beads, bone &  shell, jute string


Circa early to mid 20th C.


33" long
5-1/2" wide

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