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This is a Naga warrior's necklace, indicating that the wearer was a headhunter. The shape of the medallion resembles conch shell with fish tails, and their is a row of primitively cast heads along the top row.  The medallion hangs on a string with large conch shell beads, a more common red or orange Naga bead and to top it off - a pair of bear's canine teeth.  Fantastic!


ITEM NAME:   Naga Headhunter Fertility Necklace
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available
PEOPLE/REGION:   Naga - North east India/Western Burma


Beads, shell, Brass, Bear tooth


Circa 19th or early 20th C.


Beads are 20 " long
Brass double medallion is 8 " long x 5 " wide
Bear teeth are 3-1/2" long

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