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For your consideration... a beautiful multistrand beaded necklace from the Naga people, a tribal group whose homeland is the old North East frontier area of India and Western Burma. This one is genuinely old, a fact which will be self evident to more astute collectors from the photos alone. Naga women wore many different kinds of jewelry simultaneously, and especially on festive occasions you might have found the more well dressed women wearing many necklaces like this at once, in various vivid and bold colors.

This necklace is notable for its multi-color combination of blue and white beads. It is in near pristine condition. Like many of the older necklaces it has no clasp but is merely contiguous beads that go over the head of the wearer. Gorgeous example of Lower Konyak / Wancho style Naga bead work.


ITEM NAME:   Naga Bead Multi-strand Necklace
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available
PEOPLE/REGION:   Naga - North east India


Glass beads, jute


Circa early 20th C.


26 inches long

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