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This piece is not actually for sale.  It is here shown just as a "tribute" to the remarkable Naga aesthetic.  This is a Naga warrior's necklace, indicating that the wearer was a headhunter as well as a skilled hunter with a considerable amount of "fertility", which can here be broadly understood as personal power and charisma. A warrior and a gentleman... enemies would flee or fall before him, dangerous wild game become status trophies in his wake, and Naga maidens would have found such a person desirable as a partner. This is the status such a medallion indicates to members of the wearer's community who are instantly cognizant of the symbolism present.  This style of medallion is distinctively Chang Naga, with its leopard teeth in a spiral brass binding, all hung on a strand of beads.  A very desirable piece of head hunter ethnographica.



ITEM NAME:   Naga Headhunter Leopard Tooth Medallion
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Not For Sale
PEOPLE/REGION:   Naga - North east India/Western Burma


Glass Beads,  Brass


Circa 19th or early 20th C.


Beads are  24" long
The teeth are about 2-1/4" long.

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