This is an exquisite pair of rare quartz crystal Naga earrings. They are in excellent condition with natural occlusions visible in the photos. A nice matched pair for those with an interest in quality Naga items or collectors of tribal regalia in general.

A Naga person in full tribal regalia is a striking sight, and their style and distinctive aesthetic are unique and indeed very beautiful. Both Naga men and women wear ear ornaments and often of fairly colossal size. These crystal ear ornaments are a case in point. Crystal ear ornaments were mostly worn by women, and among these the style on auction here is from the Ao tribe - and are referred to as "tongpang" in the Ao Naga dialect. There are other tribes that wear crystal earrings but this rectangular shape, is characteristic of the Ao. Others might show a preference for round crystal ornaments. The entire crystal would be passed through the hole in the lobe, with the open slit downward. The crystal earrings were among the most prized ear ornaments of the Naga people, as they were incredibly expensive and were therefore mainly to be found among only the most wealthy and powerful women - such as the chief's wife or people with similar levels of social prestige. For those collectors who are able to refer to the Jacobs book, similar examples can be viewed on page 322. If you have the Vigorelli and Somare book, refer to page 138. Finally if you have the Barbier-Muller Naga catalog, please refer to page 64. The point is - these are classic and "text-book" safe examples of authentic Naga jewelry.


ITEM NAME:   Naga crystal earrings
PRICE:   Email 
PEOPLE/REGION:   Naga - North east India / Western Burma




Circa early 20th C.


1-3/4 inches wide
1-1/2 inches high  1/4 thick

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