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This is an authentic shamanic ritual drum from a remote tribal group known as Chepang, in the "middle hills" of Nepal. The Chepang are among the least known tribal peoples of Nepal, as they were until quite recently strictly a nomadic hunter / gatherer group ranging the forests of Nepal.  This is a life style the Chepang only began to abandon within the last 25 years or so.  Chepang shaman are known as Tunsuriban in their language and have a reputation for being among the most adept of all shamanic ritualists in Nepal. A group of shamans will tap out rhythmic consciousness altering beats for hours on end, often going on very extended all day and all night sessions, during the course of which they will enter into trance states. During the ritual the shaman gains power and insights to help heal the sick, settle disputes, subdue enemies, protect the crops, and so on. This is the real "ol' time religion", and it is fascinating that with slight variation, we find very similar practices all over the non-industrialized world.

Those with an interest in Chepang shamanism will not want to miss the book Tunsuriban by Diana Riboli in our book section accessible from the link below.

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ITEM NAME:   Chepang shaman's dhyangro
PRICE:   Email 
PEOPLE/REGION:   Nepal middle hills


Wood, leather and metal


Early to mid 20th C.


16" diameter
7" thickness

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