This belt belonged to someone who was quite serious about his Shamanic calling. Clearly a lot of personal and ritual attention was put into its creation. The red cloth, the cowries and  boar's tusk ,those fascinating desiccated weasels, and wild Himalayan deer horns its a stunning and beautiful conglomeration of ritual power objects. 
There are literally thousands of Shamans in Nepal - its a tradition that remains vigorous and popular despite the constant encroachment of modernity and the Westernized "mono-culture" that is slowly but seemingly surely, enveloping the whole planet. In many parts of Nepal there are no doctors so the shaman is the healer of all that ails the people - be the problem physical, mental, or spiritual in nature.

ITEM NAME:   Shaman's belt
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PEOPLE/REGION:   Nepal middle hills


Metal, leather, feathers, boar's teeth, cowries, weasel skin & deer / wild sheep horns 


Early to mid 20th C.



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