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A fantastic wooden ladder used in Himalayan households. These are popular architectural pieces for collectors of Himalayan ethnographica and tribal art in general.  Of course there is something special about this particular one that really distinguishes it from typical examples of this genre - that is the "y-post" shape and the double anthropomorphic figures at the top of the ladder.  These are two characteristics that are found in tribal art and architecture in many cultures around the world.  While we do see ladders with anthropomorphic characteristics in the Himalaya, the double figures and y-post shape is a more rare form - and hence very desirable from the collector's perspective.  As is often the case when we find dual figures on a y-post - and this is the case around the world, one is male and one female. Here the hair style is what distinguishes the simple and powerful form of the figures as male and female.


ITEM NAME:   Primitive wood Y-post ladder with Anthropomorphic carving
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PEOPLE/REGION:   Far west Nepal




19th century to turn of the 20th c


 8 feet high
 9 inches wide

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