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This is one of my personal favorites of all time where these primitive figures from the far West are concerned. Simply Spectacular!  Unfortunately its presence is very tough to capture in photos.  This is a figure from a shamanic shrine, which shows a figure on horse back, and this is a fairly common theme among the shamano-animist tradition in Nepal's far west.  Also, as is found with some frequency, the figure appears to be a Dhami or far west shaman as evidenced by the long plaited hair running down the back.

The composition of the figure is very unique, incorporating wood and metal. The piece has a certain ephemeral "future-primitive" feeling to it... and is really unparalleled in terms of visual presence.  It perfectly embodies the surreal shamanic netherworld of Nepal's far western middle hills area.  Please view the detail photos accessible from the link below the photo. The piece has a fairly brutish visage, but there is delicateness as well.  A crusty surface patina has evolved and the main figure's right arm is missing.  Other wise the figure is in tact.

ITEM NAME:   Primitive Shamanic figure
PRICE:   Email 
PEOPLE/REGION:   Far west Nepal


Wood, metal


circa early 20th c or before


20 inches high
3 inches wide
approx 9-3/4 inches from front to back of the horse.

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