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This is a really fine specimen that might technically be more at home in the Buddhist section above.  We'll leave it here in the shamanic section none the less, on the merit of its somewhat "transitional" form.  This is a fine example of Tamang folk styling combining characteristics of classical Vajrayana Buddhist iconography with more provincial shamano-animist styling.  This transitional "genre" if you will is found in old Tamang masks as well.  Very appealing for the Nepal middle hills enthusiast! 

Here we have a Tamdrin (Sanskrit = Hayagriva) phurba - evident from the distinctive horse head emerging from the top of the phurba.  This is an iconographic attribute also found with regularity among phurbas from Tibet and the Vajrayana Buddhist diaspora found across the greater Himalaya.  The faces of the phurba deity have a superb masked countenance - very unique indeed.  The grip has classic linear design work with a dorje or vajra in the center of the grip.  The blade exhibits wonderful carving with a unique design that resembles a Makara - the auspicious dragon like being often seen in Phurba iconography, terminating into the standard tripartite blade.  The blades carving is more akin to the middle hills shamanic aesthetic, and contributes to wonderful mix of classic and folk themes we find in this piece.


ITEM NAME:   Shamanic Phurba
PRICE:   Email 
PEOPLE/REGION:   Nepal Middle Hills




circa early to mid 20th c


9-1/4" long
 1-1/2" wide


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