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For your consideration an exceptional old wooden guardian figure from the Karnali basin of West Nepal. Such guardian figures were placed at shamanic shrines, springs, bridges and cross roads where they assumed the duty of fending off malevolent entities and other dangers, which tend to congregate in such areas. They are typically meant to represent local deities and ancestors... as in some cases ancestors have been exalted to a status approaching that of demi-god, and it is believed that if invoked properly they can intercede on behalf of the devout.

This particular piece has fantastic carving, with stylistic nuances that bring thoughts of cubism to mind, and while the subtleties that set this piece apart will unfortunately be lost on those without sufficient familiarity with this sort of material, but none the less there are at least some out there who will recognize the power and genuine qualities that this piece embodies. This is a nice old example and there is some loss where the right shoulder connects with the torso. Generally condition is good.


ITEM NAME:   Primitive guardian / animist figure
PRICE:   Email 
PEOPLE/REGION:    West Nepal




circa early 20th c or before


 15-1/2" high

 4-1/2" wide


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